0752 0412 The Healing Power of the Spirit and the Future of the Earth 65m

0752 0412 The Healing Power of the Spirit and the Future of the Earth 65m

A Reading from Luke 6

The man with the withered hand. The walk through the field of corn. The discussions of the work on the Sabbath.

The Son of Man

Jesus speaks thus; The Son of Man is also the Lord of the Sabbath. What does this mean for the Disciples of Jesus? The power of healing that is taught by Jesus. The path of creation. The creature to the creation of the soul of man.

The Earth

The earthly form of mankind and the modern Disciples of the Spirit. The poor and the needy and the spiritual and religious institutions. Does the spirit care for the souls of man? The withered hand and the soul as a symbol of the healing of the Disciples.

The Soul and the Spirit of Man

The spirit and the will in the heart. Who can understand the spirit? What is the spirit in the modern soul? Definitive answers about the spirit. The jealousy in the modern soul of those in spiritual development. Why? The meaning and purpose of the spiritual fire in the heart. The Human Seed and spiritual powers of nature. Carbon and the creation of water.

The Spirit and Man and Modern Society

The illusions of wealth and the picture of vitality and life. Nature and the social form of man. The need of modern man for the spirit of nature. The desperation in the eyes and the soul of those caught in the modern hypnotism and materialism.

A Picture of the Life of Modern Religious Communities

The power of the religions to renew the souls of the poor and those at the bottom of the modern civilized world. The life in the religious communities and the life of the selfish and the isolated. The stamina of some and the loss of energy in others. Jesus spoke thus: Is it against the law to do good or evil on the Sabbath?

War and Life

War and the proliferation of poverty. The spirit and the life it must create. The removal of the spirit and the power of life? The truth about the spirit of the life? Achievements of the few and the truth of life of the many. The affects of the competitive society. Selfishness and the competitive society. The power of the community spirit to move the soul to creativity and power. Depression and the illusions of the poor. The joy of community. The active power of the self.

The Door of the Spirit

Finding the door of the spirit. The opening of the door of the spirit to the soul.

The Power of the Gospels and the Spirit

The analysis of the sociologist, psychologist, the theologian, the scientist, the politician, of the writings of St.Paul. The spirit of love in the Gospels and how it forms the most powerful presentations of community on earth. The test of ages and the writings of St.Paul and the Gospels.

The Power of the Spirit and Community Building

The teachings of the Disciples to understand the power of building communities with the power of the spirit. It is not just any spirit. The necessity to comprehend the spirit of nature and that spirit which is of a high nature. This spirit is not in the traditions by as a power of the spirit in nature. Who can understand the spirit in this way? Isolation and the darkness of the human soul and how to create the spirit of the community? The ideal of togetherness as an ideal of society. The good fruit of the work of the community. The development of spirituality and communal activity. The culture that was created in nihilism, agnosticism, and materialism. The spirit of the earth and the development of the human soul. The hope of the spirit and the forming of spiritual based communities.

The Spirit of the Human Spirit and Human Redemption

The question today is What Spirit ? How the real spirit works and the evidence of it. The evidence of the power of goodness of the spirit. Madness and spirituality. The power of the spirit of evil and the spirit of redemption.

The Shadow of Evil and the Spirit of Love and Life

The shadow of evil and the spirit of the present. War and life and the modern spirit. Jesus spoke thus: is it lawful to do good ? The spirit against life. Debt and the reasons for the Debt. The path to create the path to the future. The path of the spirit love and the future.