074 The Path of the Disciples and the Disciples of the Spirit

Series II The Path of Discipleship - Eugene Passofaro- 12 Lecture Online Class by Eugene Passofaro

This is a stand alone series and also series II of the Path of Discipleship.  See 073 The Creation and Development of Pure for the 1st segment in the series.  In this class Discover the Christian Path of Discipleship for modern students of the spirit.  Here one finds a deep power of the spirit for personal and community healing, and transformation, through descending forms of virtue, light, illumination, and peace. This course is designed to bring spiritual illumination to people of all faiths, and religions. "Christianity assists the soul because it is a true living spiritual power that all human beings can access" Eugene Passofaro This course explores the spirit of Christianity and its Teachings without dogma but rather as a free spiritual union brought about by our love and devotion to truth, wisdom, and faith in the spirit in our own free space of the soul. This course explores and teaches ways to bring about a healthy and strong spirituality to conquer the anguish, suffering, and frustrations of our modern world. Given during the Holy Nights 2016-2017

Join Eugene Passofaro in the on-line class with forums, Q&A, fun lecture notes with glossary, and one hour optional consultation too!

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