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Studies of the Psychology of Artistic, Intuitional Psychology, Imaginative Psychology.

072 Inspirational Psychology - Creativity and the Spirit - by Eugene Passofaro

12 Lecture Series by Eugene Passofaro - Here at last are studies of the soul from the point of view of the Eye of the Artist.
In these 12 lectures discover secrets of the inspirations of artists, musicians, and other creative people. What is the power behind the great minds? What inspires them and moves them within? Here are found answers to some of the deepest questions of the soul.
073 The Development and Creation of Pure Soul - 12 The Lecture On-Line Class by Eugene Passofaro
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12 Lecture Course with Question Forums, and more....

In the beginning the Soul was created Female and Male ... and Today we may ask ; how shall we keep it healthy and open and free? Why? Relationships with others give us 'an opening' to discover the 'other side' of living beings. Our soul, and the souls of others change in this. Is this good, and worthy and as often as it leads to vulnerable states, panic, and trauma, what about the path, the techniques which lead to higher forms of soul and the development of the skill of human interaction in families, love, relationships, and more! Come and explore the ways and techniques of human interaction which that to wisdom through love and then to the discovery of the higher principles of the workings of the soul and the spirit in you.

Find out more in this series of 12 Lectures by Eugene Passofaro

071 The Search for the Female and Male Soul - Series III - From Psychology to Spirituality

12 Lecture Course with Question Forums, and more....

In the beginning the Soul was created Female and Male....have you ever asked why?

Find out more in this series of 12 Lectures by Eugene Passofaro

Imaginative Psychology

Further Studies to reveal the soul and how it works to reveal its nature.

069 The Intuitional Psychology Online Audio Study Course

Take part in our introductory course Intuitional Psychology at the The Eye of the Artist. These studies focus learning and discovering the way artists.  What makes a poet, a musician, an actor, a writer an artist? Take this course for that special way of knowing as an artist knows and sees the world and discover the basis for self awareness and learning that is special and different from other ways of learning and discovery.  Come and learn and discover the Eye of the Artist in you and others! 

Intuition  =  immediate understanding without rationale structures.  An awareness that senses and knows things, events, people, situations without cause for reason or doubts. 

Psychology = the study of the paths of the soul to know itself, the world in it, surrounding it, fertilizing it, opening it, closing it, and nourishing it, transforming it.

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The Eye of the Artist Culture Cafe

Interactive Question and Answer Forums, and other presentations to reveal the psychology of artists. 

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* Featured Lecture by Rudolf Steiner, or other Anthroposophists

* Music that is spiritually inspired - a selection of original compositions by Eugene Passofaro and Fabiana Ibarra

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068 - Taking the Themes presented in Series I - Modern Paths of the Spirit, and Ancient Wisdom, here in Series II we elaborate on the themes in homers' Odyssey and reveal deeper hidden meanings which the ancient poets knew was the psychology of the soul and human earthly karma
  The two series From Psychology to Spirituality open completely new and fresh ideas about men and women on earth and their karma together to the earth, the spirit of nature, and cosmic history. Your ideas will broaden and your understandings of things which seemed dark and unknown will suddenly have clarity and new meaning for your past, present and future growth of your soul

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Modern Paths of the Spirit and Ancient Wisdom

From Psychology to Spirituality - Series

This is our ground level class for this series.  Here one confronts the aspects of presented by the sense world and compares that with what is psychology to modern spirituality and ancient wisdom teachings as found in the Bible, Homer, and other Poets and their myths and Legends.  One sees the real depth of psychological analysis, the phrase coined by Sigmund Freud is based upon some he saw which is far deeper than ordinarily assumed and in a remarkable way it leads to an integration of the soul with a spiritual history of the world.