Classes on Anthroposophy, and Rosicrucian Wisdom, Spiritual Science, and More....

The Manicheans achieved an extremely high level of society over 1000 years. What happened to them?  The cities they founded were called Utopias and Wonders of the World.Human greed and ambition entered into the hearts of their enimies and they were exterminated from the earth.Today Men complain that conspiracies are afoot, and corruption is everywhere.


The purpose of this course is to explore the conditions which will bring about Global Healing for the present and future of Mankind. Everyone is invited - however this course is a self develpment course which has as its focus nothing external - but rather what each individual can do, from the simplest farmer to the highest level politician, workers, and artists. All share a common heritage and a common goal and aspiration. But how can mankind learn to use the terrible deeds of the past, present or future to gain a knowledge that works for today? He must begin again his search for the Myth and Meaning which corresponds to his present and his future. This course reveals a pathway towards that future in order to heal the soul in the present.

Expect lively discussions, history, and futurist visions.