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This web site is dedicated to the promotion of knowledge which is free from so-called "professional" or "certified" schools and universities, and religions, which although they serve an important role as a basis for human science and cultural progress, they are also filled with new forms of prejudiced thought which Artists do not always agree.  Here, the attempt is made to reverse this and to provide a serious, new science of the soul i.e. a new look into the inner powers of the soul based on the Eye of the Artist. Want to find out more? Take a class here at The Eye of the Artist Academy.

Fact:" Skilled Artists rely on immediate comprehension of large and complex groupings of information. By understanding how artists process and express will become a basis for a new way of understanding the Soul, Life, Consciousness and Reality." Eugene Passofaro

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The Eye of the Artist Culture Cafe Is Now Open!!!
by Osiris Temple Host - Thursday, 18 August 2016, 3:29 PM
Group Friends of Temple Osiris

The Eye of the Artist Culture Cafe News !!!

Question forums to stimulate your imagination, and answers are only public when you post!!!

Features Free Monthly selection of Music and Lecture for Group Discussion

Optional lessons and study materials for those that ...

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Moobile App for Temple Osiris
by Osiris Temple Host - Friday, 29 July 2016, 10:14 AM
Group Friends of Temple Osiris

Dear Friends we now have an app developed for www.TempleOsiris.com !!! 

Do an app search on your mobile device, android, or smart phone for moodle app and do the installation and point it to www.templeosiris.com  and also please note, we have a new School site at www.intuitionalpsychology.com. On the new site our Facebook login works and so please use your facebook login on your first login.  Once you have your new account then you login to your app from your phone.    

All the Best!!!!

Temple Osiris

Legends of the Immortals
by Osiris Temple Host - Sunday, 4 May 2014, 11:42 AM
Group Friends of Temple Osiris

Legends of the Immortals and Modern Health & Healing

Enroll Here

Class of 12 lectures by Tazo

Here are the single lectures

The ancient stories of King Mu, The Queen of the West, and the Buddha of the West that were brought to life in China I, further elaborated in China II, and now has ...

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